3AUnit5 Look at me!教学设计

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3AUnit5 Look at me!教学设计

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3AUnit5 Look at me!教学设计

Step1 Warm up

1.  Free talk

T: Good morning/ afternoon, …

S1: Good morning/ afternoon, Miss Jin.

T: Who wants to introduce yourself and your friend?  You may say “ Hello, I’ m … Look, he’ s/ she’ s my friend…”

S: (Introduce).

Step2 Presentation

1. Play a game and learn the new words

T: You speak good English. Now, look. I have a box. Is it nice?

S: Yes.

T: Yes, a nice box. What’ s in the box? Let’ s open it. Oh, three bags. Are they nice, too?

S: Yes.

T: You may say “nice”.(做动作带读nice)

Look at this white bag. What’s in the bag? (拿出包里的T恤)

A T-shirt

T: Look at the T-shirt.

S: (引导学生说)It’ s nice!

2. Talk about Ss’ clothes

T: The skirt, the T-shirt and the cap are all nice. Do you have nice clothes?

S: Yes.

T :Who can show us? You can say “ Look at my……(出示并带读句型)

S: Look at my T-shirt.

T: Nice!

S: Look at my skirt.

T: Great! Do you know “great” ? It means very nice. 

S: Look at my…

Ss: It’ s nice! It’ s great!(多请几位学生评价)

Step 3 Practice

1. 分小组讨论练习,两人一组,相互用重点句型进行交流。

A: Look at my new clothes.

B: It’ s great.

Step 4 Summary


Step 5 Homework

1. 学生抄写本课所学单词,一个四遍。



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