Greetings and introduction英语说课稿

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Greetings and introduction英语说课稿

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Greetings and introduction英语说课稿
Good morning, everyone.
 I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. My topic is made of seven parts. It includes the analysis of the textbooks, the teaching aims ,the condition of the students ,the teaching methods ,the learning methods ,the teaching procedures and the training .

一.   The analysis of the textbooks:

Today I’m going to talk about unit 2,different looks,7A .

 Ⅰ .The contents: It plays a very important role in the English teaching of this unit. The part of the dialogues in the second unit aims to introduce different looks and it aims to let the students learn how to describe people’s appearance, how to identify colors and how to talk about possessions. By studying this unit, students can improve their listening ability. At the same time, we should get the students to learn some words and some expressions.

Ⅱ.The teaching emphasis:

(1) To get the ability of general reading and acquiring information.

(2) To master vital phrases and sentence expressions.

(3) To develop the students’ interest in English.

Ⅲ. Difficult points:

(1) To make sure the students can use the comparative degree correctly.

(2) To enable the students to study in groups and cooperate skillfully.

(3) To use the words to express their ideas.

Ⅳ.  Teaching aids

  In this lesson, the multimedia will be used to make the class lively and improve my teaching result.


. 二.The teaching aims:

1.  Aims on the knowledge:

 To enable the students to understand and speak different looks and to master important language points .Make sure that students can use these sentences in real situations.        

2.  Aims on the abilities:

(1)  To develop students’ abilities of listening, speaking and reading.

(2)  To train the students’ ability of working in groups.

(3)  To foster students’ abilities of communication.

(4)  To improve the students’ ability of getting information.

3.  Aims on the emotion:

(1)  To foster the students’ consciousness of good cooperation and proper competition.

(2)  To promote the students’ ability of cognition and the better ability of remembering someone.


三.The condition of the students:

They are the new students to study in the middle school. Their knowledge is limited and they love to learn in the relaxed condition.


四 .The teaching methods:

    As we all know, the main instructional aims of learning English is to cultivate students’ basic abilities of listening and speaking and their good sense of the English language. So in this lesson I’ll mainly use “Task-based” teaching method. That is to say, I will let the students learn in real situations, finish a task by making a survey to help the students to get a better understanding of the key structure of the dialogue. And in this lesson a recorder, CAI, school things and a printed form will be needed. Students should prepare some school things.

1. I will arrange four kinds of activities: singing, guessing game, finishing a survey and having a competition.

2. I will set some situations to let the students say something in English.

3. I will set some questions to let the students answer.


五.The study methods:

① Teach the students how to be successful language learners

②Get the students to form good learning habits.

③Teach the students how to communicate with others and take competition methods to develop the students interest in English.

④Say English by looking pictures.


六.The teaching procedures and purposes of my designing.

I’ll finish this lesson in five steps.

Step1: Listen to a song.

Purpose   : This step is used to create a relaxed state in the lesson.


Step2: Give several guessing games.

Purpose   : This step is used to arouse students' interest and curiosity in the lesson.


Step3.Warm-up and preview.

Purpose: It is important to form a better English learning surrounding for the students by singing and doing some total physical response and at the same time it provides situations to review learned  knowledge  for the next step.


Step4: Presentation.

Purpose: To present the key structures one by one is much easier for the students to learn and grasp the meanings. Proper competition can arouse the students’ interest in English learning.


Step5: Show some pictures.

Let one student describe and others guess which picture it is.

  Purpose: To improve students’ abilities of saying English.


Step6: Do the activities.

If you’re wearing red,

Put your hands on your head.

If you’re wearing black,

Touch your neck.

If you’re wearing brown,

Touch the ground.

If you’re wearing blue,

Put your hands on your shoe.

If you’re wearing yellow,

Wave to your fellow.

Purpose: To let the students have a better learning and to let more students join in the activities. Task-based teaching method  is used here to develop students’ ability of communication and also their ability of cooperation will be well trained.


Step7: Homework.

Describe a person to your classmate and present it next class.

Purpose: Revision is so important that students should speak English as much as they in class or after class.  It is necessary for the students to do some extensive exercises after class to consolidate the knowledge they learned.

七.The training:

1. Describe pictures.

2. Do activities.

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